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the LFA is objectively an incredible car, a of led to the more than 550-hp V10 already somewhat long in the tooth by the time it debuted. And while Lexus was able to apply much of the LFA’s R&D to its current line of high-performance cars, the premium Japanese marque has ultimately failed to establish itself as a key player in ’s elite electric .

However, as the automotive world grows ever to an all-EV world, Lexus is being given a chance to carve out a place in the market as a producer of truly competitive all-electric supercars. In a bid to hit the , the has taken lessons from the BEV tech developed by its “Lexus Electrified” initiative and applied it to the creation of an ultra-sleek, -powered supercar that’s sure to help cement Lexus’ status in this highly-competitive emerging space.

Christened the BEV Sport , the EV uses a design language to Lexus’ earlier LFA model — albeit in a sleeker, modernized form. An ultra-low-profile exterior with an extremely low drag-coefficient, coupled with the car’s super- ride height, enables the concept car to exhibit razor-sharp handling and hair-raising top speeds. This latter area is also along by the use of a state-of-the-art EV that allows the supercar concept to from 0-60mph in just over two seconds. What’s more, Lexus says that to the utilization of solid-state battery packs, the BEV Sport Concept is expected to afford more than 430 miles of autonomy on a single charge.

While Lexus hasn’t any plans regarding the BEV Sport Concept entering , we do know that the Japanese automaker will be out swinging with its forthcoming battery-powered lineup over the coming years, with new BEV and SUV also having been unveiled alongside the Sport model.

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Photo: Lexus
Photo: Lexus

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