Enter to Win a Set of Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus Tires


are the most important part of any . They are the only surface that contact with the road. 

It’s important to have a high quality set of tires on your car for , , and peace of mind. To help you out, AutoGuide has partnered with to up a free set of the all-new Bridgestone Plus tires. To participate in the contest, please here. The contest ends on July 15th, so don’t delay! 

With the Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus, tire all- confidence. With improved performance and , the Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus gets you you need to go safely. Its next-gen run-flat capabilities are good for up to 50 at up to 50 mph post-puncture. Engineered with zero-degree draft angles, it has gripping to help you excel in all the elements—stopping 40 feet shorter in snow over the DriveGuard.

For the purposes of this promotion, the will receive a set of four Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus tires. Before entering, please the sizing chart below to ensure your vehicle is compatible with Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus, is designed for select and crossovers. The selected winner must of their compatible vehicle to redeem. The set of tires will be shipped to the winner. The contest is open to USA residents only. 

For the rules, restrictions, and legalese, please click: AutoGuide.com – Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus – Rules and Regulations.

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